Farm and Ranch Fencing in Massachusetts?


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Farm and Ranch

Quality Residential Farm and Ranch Fences in Middlesex County

Are you looking for the perfect fence for your farm or ranch? Our company can help you find the perfect fit for your property. We’ll help you decide what fence is best based on what you need it for, your budget, and the size of the project. We’ll make sure your animals stay in and the stuff you don’t want out!

If you’re looking for residential fences in Middlesex County, look no further! We have the experience and expertise to help you find the perfect fencing solution for your home or property. Contact us today for a free analysis and quote. Are you in Middlesex County searching for residential fences? We can help! We’ve worked on hundreds of projects in the area and we can find the perfect fence for your home or property. We have wooden, iron, metal, and budget fences, plus manual and automatic gates–all made with the best materials. Get a free analysis and quote today!

Fence Installation
Fences can add lots of beauty and value to your home. We can build fences in a farm or ranch style that look great and can help keep animals safe. We can also make game or field fencing for deer and other animals or pipe fencing for things like corrals or cattle gates. Everything is customized to fit what you want.

Fence Repair
Our team of experts can make sure your fence is looking great and working properly. We will work with you to customize the perfect solution to make sure your fence is safe and secure.

Gate Installation
Gates make it easy to move animals, cars, and people in and out of fenced-off places. We do all kinds of gate work. We can put in automatic gates with solar cells or 10-foot fences to keep animals in and wild animals out. Need a gate in Boston? Give us a call now for help with installation and repairs.

Quality Materials for Lasting Life

Imperial Fence Company uses the best materials to give you a fence that lasts. Steel piping is covered with a special coating and painted, wood is treated and painted on request, and our wire fencing is made of top-notch steel and knotted for long-lasting life. Investing in a fence is not just an expense but will add value to your property. If you’re looking for the best fence for your farm or ranch in Boston, MA, Imperial Fence is the place to go.

Do you need to fence in your cattle?
We have lots of options to choose from. Barbed wire, mesh wire, and wood fencing are all great for keeping cows in one area.
Barbed wire is usually a good choice because it’s cost-effective and stops cows from wandering. We can also make a braided wire fence with barbed wire at the top if you have other animals in the area.
Wood fencing is another option and we make sure to use the highest quality materials. We can even add an electric fence to the wood fencing to keep horses from chewing it. Call us today to customize the perfect cattle fencing solution for you!

Are you looking for a way to keep your horses safe in their pastures?
Wire mesh fences are a great option! The wire is made of galvanized steel, so it’s strong and long-lasting. The mesh is woven tight and close together, so there’s no space for animals to get through or get their paws, claws, or legs stuck. Plus, you can add a metal pipe or vinyl pole fence on top of the mesh to give extra support and protection. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for an alternative to wood!

Horse and Cattle Gates

Imperial Fence has the gates you need for your horses and cattle. Our gates come in different sizes, from 6ft to 16ft. They are tough and made to last, with a zinc coating for extra protection against the weather. They come with latches for single, two-way, and hinge locking. Accessories like gate wheels and gate anchors are available too. Talk to one of our gate experts to get the perfect gate for your farm.

Woven Wire Ranch Fences

Imperial Fence offers woven wire fencing that’s perfect for farms. It’s often called sheep or hog fence and it’s great for keeping small animals secure without endangering livestock. For pigs, we recommend adding barbed wire or electric wire at ground level to stop them from digging. We make fences and gates for many uses. Free-standing woven wire fences can be made between wooden or metal posts. Or you can attach it to existing pole fences or horse fences. The size of the openings varies depending on the animal. We have small wire fences with tiny openings for horses. We also have wide openings for sheep and “no climb” fencing for the game. We can even reinforce existing fences and gates.

Game Fence or Deer Fence
Do you need a fence to keep out deer and other animals? We offer two kinds of fences – one for large areas and one for small areas. Our 8-foot fixed knot field fence is great for big spaces. It has extra thick top and bottom wires, and the big openings at the top stop deer from tangling in the fence. For smaller areas, like gardens, we use lightweight woven wire netting with a gate. Call us today to learn more or get a quote.


Pipe Fencing
Imperial Fence Company can help you with your pipe fence. Metal pipes can last for years and be very strong. You can add mesh or wire to your pipe fence to make it even stronger. It can help keep predators out and keep your livestock in. We can put as many horizontal rails as you need. You can also choose from different kinds of wire like Sheffield wire, horse “no-climb” wire, chicken wire, or barbed wire. We can even add hog panels to your fence. Call us today to find out what will work best for you.

PVC Fencing for Farms
Vinyl fencing is a great way to add style to your farm. It’s easy to take care of and won’t fade or peel. It looks like the traditional post and board fence, but it’s much more weather-resistant. PVC fencing is also great for horse riding arenas, but if you’re using it for horses, make sure to add electric fencing too. That way, your horses will stay safe!

Virtual And On-Site

Our free on-site consultation and design building concepts allow us to work with you in creating a finished product you can be proud of while enhancing the value of your property.