Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is the all-purpose standard in providing security at an economical price point.

Imperial Fence, Inc.® can specify and install a security chain link fencing system to suit your needs. Our company offers many types of chain link fences including galvanized, aluminized, and vinyl coated in a variety of colors. Chain link fencing can be an affordable security option for many businesses and industries.




Chain Link Fence Advantage

Chain link fencing offers many advantages. It is strong and durable, and it is also cost-effective. It is also easy to install and can be used for a variety of purposes. It provides protection from animals and trespassers and can be used to securely enclose a yard or garden. It is also very easy to maintain, as it doesn’t require painting or staining. Chain link fences are an economical choice that offers strength and durability. Imperial Fence is your chain link fence company of choice.

Chain link fencing is made of woven steel wire that forms a diamond pattern and is then either galvanized in zinc or coated in vinyl. It is strong and durable, and it is also affordable. It is easy to install and is best for keeping animals or trespassers out. It also needs little maintenance and doesn’t have to be painted or stained.

Full Inventory

Imperial Fence, Inc., has a large selection of chain link fences. They are great for homes, outdoor courts, playgrounds, farms, and other businesses. We can provide these fences for homes and businesses for pool, commercial, or construction projects. Come see what we have!

Quality Matters
We install chain link fences of really good quality! Our team of pro fence installers has lots of experience with them. Plus, they have licenses and insurance so if something goes wrong, we can help. Our installers are so good that you can expect your fence to be installed right and fast. Our chain link fences are of high quality. We make sure that they are strong and durable to keep your property safe. We make sure they are made with only the best materials and that they are installed properly. You can trust that our chain link fences will last a long time and keep your family and property safe.

Important information about Fence Permits
If you want to put up a fence, you need to get a special permit from your city or county. You’ll have to pay for this permit and the cost usually ranges from $150 to $500+. You also need to give your city a copy of your property survey, along with the plans and details of your fence. If you don’t have a survey, you’ll have to pay more money to get one done. If you don’t get a permit, you can be fined a lot of money. It’s best to follow the rules and get the permit so you don’t have to pay a lot.

Fencing and Your Homeowners Association
If you want to put up a fence, you’ll need to check with your HOA first to make sure it’s OK. You’ll need to submit your plans, including a property survey and fence specifications. The HOA’s Architectural Review Committee will review your plans to make sure the fence is suitable.

Your street’s HOA may have rules about the kind of fence you can build. They may say what type of material you can use, how high it can be, and where it can be placed. Before starting a fence project, get approval from the Architectural Review Committee. This will cost a small fee, but it can save you from paying fines and other problems down the road.

Irrigation Considerations
A sprinkler system includes PVC pipes that go underground. PVC is good because it’s light and not hard to put in, but it’s hard to find and can get hurt easily. This can happen a lot when you put up a fence, since sprinkler lines normally go near the fence line. To prevent problems, it’s best to put up your fence before the sprinklers and have a repair company ready in case the PVC pipes get damaged.

Hidden Sprinkler Lines – A Homeowner’s Dilemma
Homeowners who have buried sprinkler lines need to be aware that they will not be marked when having a fence installed. They must identify the sprinkler lines and mark the lines with flags or spray paint so that the fence installer knows where not to dig. Fence installers are not responsible for damage done to sprinkler lines, so it is important for homeowners to make sure that the lines are marked clearly and accurately.

Marking Sprinkler Heads AND the Lines
Customers should mark their sprinkler heads before installing a fence. This will help the fence installer avoid breaking them. PVC lines usually run between 1 and 3 feet away from the heads. However, it is possible for lines to be cracked when digging post holes. Marking the heads and lines helps the installer know where to dig safely.

Irrigation Repair Recommendations
If you’ve just had a fence installed, it’s a good idea to get an irrigation repair company to come by in the next week. Ask them to check your sprinkler system and fix any damage that happened during the fence installation. They can also help make your sprinklers work better by relocating them if needed, adjusting them so they don’t spray your house or fence, and installing rain sensors if your system is older. This will help you save water and make sure your yard looks great.

Virtual And On-Site

Our free on-site consultation and design building concepts allow us to work with you in creating a finished product you can be proud of while enhancing the value of your property.